Picking Your Wedding Florist

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Flowers are at the heart of your wedding day. They are a key player. You want them to make an impression on your guests. So how do you find someone who you can trust with the vision for your wedding day?

A stunning Bride, her husband, and her bouquet.

#1 Figure out your floral style

Every florist has their own style. Some florists create modern, sharp, and minimal arrangements while others create romantic, full, and textured bouquets. Create a board on Pinterest and find bouquets that you like. Then when you find a florist you are interested you can show her your inspirations.

#2 Figure out your budgets and floral needs

Your budget is so important to your design goals. It affects every aspect and your florist needs to know your budget. Decide if you want to make your own centerpieces or only have a florist design the bridal parties flowers.

#3 Reviews and Research

Look at the florist reviews. Would you buy a coat off of amazon without looking at the reviews? Nope. The same idea works for florists too. If a florist doesn't have any reviews, that doesn't mean that they are a bad florist, but in that case ask to see a portfolio. Most florists have a website where you can find their portfolio.

#4 Schedule a Initial Consultaion

Meet your florist in person before signing any contracts. Bring pictures and talk over all your wedding dreams. You will know pretty quickly weither the florist is a good fit for your special day.

#5 Shop Around and Compare Proposals

After an initual consultation a florist will generally give you a break down of your wedding costs. This proposal will cover everything from cost of supplies to delivery fees. You can negotiate pricing too. If you need your bouquet to cost $150 instead of $200, see what the florists can do to accomidate you. Like anything in the world of wedding planning you want to shop around. Get multiple proposals.

#6 Pick a Florist

Once you have done all of the above pick your florist. Most florists don't reserve your wedding date till you have sign a contract with them and have paid your initial deposit.

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